Control air impurities with unique AAVI® air purifiers

Unique AAVI® air purifiers guarantee clean and healthy indoor air. Our devices are suitable for homes, public and commercial buildings as well as industrial use. The widely patented technology can also be utilized in emission control. Explore our range!

AAVI® 600 Tuuli

AAVI® 600 Tuuli is an efficient air purifier for public buildings. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and it is easy to maintain.

Public premises 150 - 240 m2
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AAVI Leaf® ilmanpuhdistuslaite

AAVI Leaf®

AAVI Leaf® air purifier is also suitable for public buildings and offices. It efficiently removes chemicals, pollutants, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens from indoor air. AAVI Leaf® ensures the fresh and clean air that is essential for your wellbeing.

Public premises Households 16-64
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Industry air purification devices

AAVI Technologies Ltd. has developed efficient electrical purifiers that are based on the same ionization technology as the other AAVI® devices. AAVI® ESP/WESP has several advantages.

Each project will be tailored specifically for your needs.

Industry Suits any
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AAVI® 1000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 1000

AAVI® 1000 IonJet is an efficient air purifier for public buildings and e.g. machine workshops. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and is easy to maintain.

Public premises Industry 100-400
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AAVI® 2000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 2000

AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier is designed to handle larger air quantities. As all our products, it is based on the unique AAVI® technology that rids indoor air of very small, even nano-sized particles, such as pollutants, dust, chemicals, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Public premises Industry 400-600
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