A prototype for iodine removal is released

Aavi Wet 30 – Iodine Collector

The Aavi Wet 30 is an ionizing collector, which removes iodine in a controlled manner. In a situation where a nuclear power plant is malfunctioning, with risk of a radiation leak,

this unit is usable for depressurizing nuclear powerplant buildings. Thus, where contaminated air needs to be released out, the Aavi Wet 30 unit is a solution to release cleaned air.

Description of the operation principle.

Figure 1 illustrates the Aavi® prototype for iodine removal. In the first part of the device, in the first step water mist is mixed with incoming air (bottom, left). Next, above, in the ozonizing prefiltering step the dirty air is conducted through pipe chambers – with high voltage electrodes at the center. Ozone* is created by the ionization. Ozone reacts with gaseous iodine and solid iodine oxide particles are formed. There is a continuous wash on these tube walls, which dissolves mentioned particles into the water – as well as a part of the gaseous iodine. A small amount of NaOH is added to the water to aid in the dissolving process and to prevent iodine from evaporating.

The second part of the device contains a wet scrubber, doubling as a reaction chamber in order to give more time for the reactions of iodine and dissolving process. This part has a continuous water spray, via nozzles. Water is circulated, drawn from the bottom of the system with a pump.



The third part of the device is a main filtering part where all aerosols are filtered on the pipe walls. This step is similar to the prefiltering part; however, the washing is done at intervals. In this part, clean water is used, and here is the initial filling of the system. The water dosage is automated.

*) Additional ozone [O3] can also be supplied at the entrance of the unit, to increase the ionization performance.



Product leaflet (pdf)

Read the abstract of VTT test report.

Figure 1

Aavi Wet 30

  • Automatic cleaning - no filters - effortless
  • Efficient purification of iodine

Aavi Wet 30 is suitable for:

Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear accident site Radiation containment

Technical details

Cleaning efficiency Highly efficient - ask for details
Purification technology Ozonating, Ionizing
Washing Automatic
Scalability Modular & Containerizable