AAVI 800

The AAVI 800 air purifier is a new coming product for homes, offices, schools, workshops etc. The air filtering is based on two-stage AAVI MAPS-filtering technology, and it provides high purification performances ranging from um to nm particle sizes.

The purifier filters and kills both bacteria and viruses.

The A800 removes odor, by active carbon filter, and VOC gases, by optional-filter cassette. The purifier provides 3-air volumes; 800m3/h, 400m3/h, and 200m3/h. The purifier is designed for indoor usage only.

As illustrated, the wheels makes the AAVI 800 air purifier mobile.


The MAPS air cleaning module is to be manually cleaned, at least, once a year (*.  Open the door and slide the MAPS-module out for cleaning and drying. The activated carbon-filter (ACF) and the VOC-filter located on the shelves for easy replacement.

The pre-filtering net, located at the bottom of the purifier, needs regular cleaning.

*) Maintenance interval :

  • MAPS-module :                1 year  ( where the average particle concentration is < 15 µg/m3 ).
  • Pre-filter net :                    vacuum clean once a week.
  • ACF  :                                  depending on the odor level.
  • VOC                                     depending on the VOC level.


AAVI 800

  • Max 99% purification level.
  • Manually operated; On/Off and 3-air volume flow levels.
  • Fulfills the safety standards EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-65.

The AAVI 800 is best suitable for :

Indoor spaces Home, Office Work shops, Welding Clinical receptions Small shops

Technical details

Cleaning efficiency 99% of particles
Purification technology two-stage MAPS module (ionization)
Odour capture Yes - Activated carbon filter (ACF)
VOC-filtering Optional
Size, total (on wheels) 890 * 630 * 370 mm (H,W,D)
Air volumes - Fan speeds (3) 800, 400 and 200 m3/h
Purification leves 95% (800), 97% (400) and 99% at 200 m3/h flow
Power consumption ~100 W (Fan on max.)
Material, housing, cabinet Metal, steel sheet