AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier

AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier is designed to handle larger air quantities. As all our products, it is based on the unique AAVI® technology that rids indoor air of very small, even nano-sized particles, such as pollutants, dust, chemicals, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

AAVI® 2000 IonJet is suitable for hospitals, laundries, pharmaceutical warehouses and machine workshops. It can also be used in food and beverage industries, lobbies, waiting rooms, to name a  few.

AAVI® 2000 IonJet is able to handle large quantities of dust. It works without filters which prevents clogging and pressure drop. The device is also easy to maintain as there is no need for filter change – it only needs to be washed with water.

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AAVI® 2000

  • Removes even 99% of air impurities
  • Easy to maintain as there are no filters
  • Connectable to all standard ducts and HVAC systems
  • Effortless washing with only water


Hospitals Laundries Medical warehouses Machine workshops Food and beverage industries Halls Lobbies

Technical details

Cleaning efficiency >99%
Recommended area 400-600 m2
Capacity 2500 m3/h
Operating temperature -15°C — +45°C
Cleaning system Water wash, automatic