AAVI® 1000 air purifier is suitable for office buildings, schools and many other spaces

AAVI® 1000 IonJet is an efficient air purifier for public buildings and e.g. machine workshops. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and is easy to maintain.

AAVI® 1000 air purifier is suitable for commercial and residential buildings as well as for public buildings and industrial needs. It can be used e.g. at schools or day care centers, hotels, shopping centers and offices. AAVI® 1000 is also a solution for machine workshops that suffer from metal dust, storage buildings as well as for food and beverage industries.

AAVI® 1000 air purifier is filter-free and thus an environmentally friendly choice. As there is no need for continuous filter changes, it is also easy and affordable to maintain.


AAVI® 1000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 1000

  • Removes even 99% of air impurities
  • Easy to maintain as there are no filters
  • Connectable to all standard ducts and HVAC systems
  • Effortless washing with only water


Office buildings Schools Day care centers Hotels Shopping centers Machine workshops suffering from metal dust Warehouses Food and beverage industries

Technical details

Cleaning efficiency >99%
Recommended area 100-400 m2
Capacity 1000m3/h
Operating temperature >5 °C
Cleaning system Water wash, automatic