Press Release - Aavi Wet 30 - Iodine Collector

March 21st, 2022

Aavi Technologies Oy (AAVI) informs


Iodine-collecting cleaner Aavi Wet 30 now available, R&D in Finland

Vantaa, FI : Years of R&D has borne fruit. A cleaning unit that purifies air from contamination of iodine is

tested, and a prototype released.

The purpose of the unit is to enable a controlled release of air from a building. In case a nuclear power plant is malfunctioning, air may want to escape as a pressure builds up inside a building.

The situation can demand a need to de-pressurize a building, otherwise risking a release of contaminated air. This way, a malfunctioning is contained and possibly a larger accident is avoided.

The Aavi Wet 30 unit enables the release of air, purified from iodine. By technology of ozonation and ionization, through steps of ionizing chambers, the unit is highly efficient.

This iodine collecting unit is foremost intended to nuclear power plant sites. It is modularizable, scalable in

size for any iodine removal task.



A company based in Finland, Aavi Technologies Oy [reg. 1983] designs air purification equipment.

Aavi delivers air cleaning units to homes, public spaces, work spaces and to industrial applications.

On industrial level, applications are power plants, steel mill plants and waste-to-energy /bio-power plants.

In Finland, Aavi employs 12 persons.

Read more about technology : Aavi® Wet 30 – Iodine Collector – Aavi-tech

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Industrial Technologies Manager

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