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AAVI® air purifier removes pollen, mold, viruses and bacteria, air pollutants and chemicals

AAVI Leaf® air purifier keeps your home fresh by removing viruses and bacteria, pollutants, chemicals, mold and allergens from indoor air. It even kills the corona virus. It makes your home a healthy place to breath and enjoy.

We spend a significant part of our time at home. The home should therefore be a place to relax and enjoy ourselves that supports our wellbeing. Clean indoor air is vital for our wellbeing – especially if you suffer from allergies, air pollution or chemicals. Efficient AAVI Leaf® air purifier also helps to maintain your health as it removes bacteria, viruses and mold from indoor air. Besides being effective and easy to use, we also believe that an air purifier should please the eye.

AAVI Leaf® air purifier is designed to ensure fresh and healthy indoor air for homes and summer houses. Tests have proven that it kills pathogens like the corona virus so it is safe and easy to use and maintain, thanks to the filter-free technology that doesn’t amass pathogens. This also makes it an environmentally friendly choice.


Clean air for your home or summer house – Check out the features

Removes as much as over 99% of air impurities

AAVI Leaf® air purifier removes viruses and bacteria, pollen, animal allergens, air pollutants, mold and chemicals – that is, almost everything!

Effective against viruses, bacteria and mold

AAVI® technology provides you and your family fresh and healthy indoor air as the technology is able to remove harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, mold and chemicals.

Mitigates allergies

Efficient AAVI Leaf® air purifier improves the quality of life of those suffering from allergies as it removes irritating chemicals, animal allergens and pollen from indoor air.

Safe, easy and economical to maintain – no filters

AAVI Leaf® air purifiers are filter-free. That makes maintenance easy as you only need to clean its collector walls with water. It also kills the pathogens instead of just amassing them.

Low energy consumption – environmentally friendly choice

AAVI Leaf® air purifier offers efficient purification with low energy consumption. The produce of secondary waste is also minimized due to lack of replaceable filters.

AAVI® air purifier can resolve many challenges

Allergy Mold Viruses and bacteria Air pollution and impurities Chemicals Old house

AAVI Leaf® is suitable for homes and summer houses

AAVI Leaf® ilmanpuhdistuslaite

AAVI Leaf®

AAVI Leaf® air purifier is also suitable for public buildings and offices. It efficiently removes chemicals, pollutants, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens from indoor air. AAVI Leaf® ensures the fresh and clean air that is essential for your wellbeing.

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