Air purification solutions for offices, business premises, schools, hospitals and many other spaces

AAVI® air purification technology removes mold, pollen, viruses, bacteria and chemicals from indoor air. Therefore several office, public and business premises, day care centers, schools and movie theatres rely on AAVI® devices to provide healthy indoor air.

Clean and fresh air is a basic need of all human beings. It energizes us and enhances our wellbeing. However, the air we breathe is often filled with harmful particles such as viruses, bacteria, mold, animal allergens, pollen and chemicals. That is why we have developed the unique AAVI® technology that can rid indoor air of even the smallest particles in a cost-effective way.

AAVI® air purifiers have superb purification efficiency and durability. They remove as much as over 99% of indoor air impurities, including even nano-sized particles, bacteria and viruses. AAVI® devices have no clogging filters which ensures easy and low-cost maintenance as there is no need for continuous and costly filter changes.

Simply clean air – four reasons to choose AAVI®

Removes as much as over 99% of air impurities

AAVI® devices remove mold, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollen.

Easy and affordable to maintain – no filters

AAVI® devices' filter-free technology enables them to maintain a constantly high purification level without the continuous need to replace clogged filters.

Environmentally friendly choice

AAVI® is an environmentally friendly choice. Filter-free technology produces no secondary waste in the form of disposable filters and the devices offer highly efficient air purification with low energy consumption.

Effective for mold, bacteria and allergens

AAVI® devices remove even nano-sized particles and are thus suitable for hospitals, schools, movie theatres, shopping centers and several other buildings.

AAVI® devices suit most premises

Offices Business premises Hospitals Laboratories Hairdressing salons Shopping centers Movie theatres Schools Day care centers Public premises


AAVI® 600 Tuuli

AAVI® 600 Tuuli is an efficient air purifier for public buildings. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and it is easy to maintain.

150 - 240 m2
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AAVI Leaf® ilmanpuhdistuslaite

AAVI Leaf®

AAVI Leaf® air purifier is also suitable for public buildings and offices. It efficiently removes chemicals, pollutants, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens from indoor air. AAVI Leaf® ensures the fresh and clean air that is essential for your wellbeing.

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AAVI® 1000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 1000

AAVI® 1000 IonJet is an efficient air purifier for public buildings and e.g. machine workshops. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and is easy to maintain.

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AAVI® 2000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 2000

AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier is designed to handle larger air quantities. As all our products, it is based on the unique AAVI® technology that rids indoor air of very small, even nano-sized particles, such as pollutants, dust, chemicals, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

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