AAVI® technology is an innovative air purification solution

AAVI Technologies Ltd. has developed an innovative air purification methodology that removes even the smallest particles from indoor air. This includes even nano-sized particles.

AAVI® air purifiers can handle large quantities of dust. They also remove chemicals, mold, pollen, allergens, viruses and bacteria from respiratory air efficiently and economically.

Clean air for home, business and public buildings

Internationally widely patented AAVI® technology is able to purify indoor air of for example chemicals, air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, pollen and mold – even nano-sized particles can be removed. AAVI® air purifiers are thus suitable for various purposes and are used in hospitals, schools, day care centers, offices, business premises, movie theaters, shopping centers as well as in common homes.

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Control industrial emissions with AAVI® technology

Unique AAVI® technology not only purifies indoor air efficiently but also offers a high-performance solution for emission control – the same technology can reduce emissions, thus improving overall air quality.

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AAVI® technology can remove over 99% of air impurities

AAVI® air purifiers remove efficiently impurities and even nano-sized particles, such as:

An environmentally friendly choice and easy to maintain – no filters

AAVI® air purifiers are filter-free. They are cleaned just by using water which makes AAVI® air purifiers an environmentally friendly choice. The filter-free technology ensures easy maintenance of the devices as there is no need for filter change, and at the same time the problem of clogging is avoided. That is why we have developed the AAVI® Ion Jet system.

AAVI® devices combine energy efficiency with low operating costs, easy maintenance and constantly high purification efficiency.

Finnish expertise, international markets

Finland is known for its clean air. AAVI® air purifiers are designed and partially manufactured in Finland to make the clean Finnish air available for everyone. For international markets, please contact us for more details!

Take a step towards cleaner indoor air. .