Clean indoor air and lower emissions – patented AAVI® technology for industrial needs

The industrial sector also has the possibility of cleaner air by choosing the unique AAVI® technology that can be utilized for both indoor air purification of industrial premises and emission control.

Clean air is vital for everyone. It also has a significant effect on occupational health, safety and wellbeing at work that contribute greatly to work efficiency and the amount of sickness absences. Therefore we have developed unique air purifiers that are capable of purifying indoor air even in large industrial spaces. AAVI® devices can also be utilized to create separate clean air zones when purifying the entire space is not required. This enables energy savings as pre-heated air can be circulated.

The internationally widely patented AAVI® technology also offers a solution for emission control as it not only purifies indoor air in industrial spaces but also cleans process gases. That makes AAVI® devices an excellent choice for any responsible organization. With our help emissions can be reduced to ensure clean air for everyone.


Unique AAVI® technology limits industrial emissions and purifies indoor air in industrial areas

Efficient emission reduction

AAVI® devices are effective in removing dust and process gases generated in industrial processes.

Emission control

AAVI® technology enables industrial companies to meet the set emission targets and reduce emissions effectively.

No mechanical filters – low operating costs

There are no textile filter bags used in AAVI® devices – instead, the collector walls are only washed with water or cleaned mechanically. The lack of clogging filters creates low pressure drop and thereby also low energy consumption. The reliable and maintenance-free technology also prevents production interruptions due to shutdown maintenance which brings notable savings.

Ecological choice for responsible companies

AAVI® devices are an environmentally friendly choice as no secondary waste is created from disposable filters.

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Clean indoor air

Clean indoor air is an important factor in occupational health, safety and wellbeing at work. AAVI® technology purifies indoor air in industrial spaces – either the entire space or right where it is needed.

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Lower emissions

AAVI® emission control solutions are always specially tailored to meet your specific needs. Our technology enables companies to meet emission targets and to keep industrial emissions under control.

AAVI® devices are suitable for various industries

Coal fired power plants Steel mills Cement plants


Industry air purification devices

AAVI Technologies Ltd. has developed efficient electrical purifiers that are based on the same ionization technology as the other AAVI® devices. AAVI® ESP/WESP has several advantages.

Each project will be tailored specifically for your needs.

Suits any
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AAVI® 1000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 1000

AAVI® 1000 IonJet is an efficient air purifier for public buildings and e.g. machine workshops. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and is easy to maintain.

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AAVI® 2000 ilmanpuhdistin

AAVI® 2000

AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier is designed to handle larger air quantities. As all our products, it is based on the unique AAVI® technology that rids indoor air of very small, even nano-sized particles, such as pollutants, dust, chemicals, mold, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

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