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AAVI Leaf ® App – your tool for controlling the AAVI Leaf ® device

The AAVI Leaf ® App is a smart device application, that allows the user to control and keep track of the operation of their AAVI Leaf ® device via a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection. By using the application, the user can control e.g. fan speed and the device’s power level as well as keep track of the purification efficiency and air quality within the operating area.

With The AAVI Leaf ® Application, You Can…

  • turn your device on and off as you wish

  • set a cleaning schedule for your device with automatical activation and turn-off times

  • control fan speed and the brightness of the device’s led indicator lights

  • keep track of the purification process from graphs that monitor PM2.5 particles, air temperature and humidity, and the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq)

  • follow the operation of the device during its’ self-cleaning process

AAVI Leaf App on The App Store
aavi leaf app on google play

AAVI Leaf ® App can be used with the Premium, Premium S, and Exclusive devices from the AAVI Leaf ® series