The Vice Minister of Science and Technology of China Mr. Huang Wei Visited AAVI Technologies Ltd.

On March 27th 2017, the Vice Minister of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Huang Wei and his entourage of 14 people visited AAVI Technologies Ltd. in Finland to explore AAVI Technologies’ latest research and development achievements in the field of air purification. Director of International Corporation Division of Ministry of Science and Technology Mr. Dongbai Ye and the First Class Secretary of Technology Department of Chinese Embassy in Finland, Mr. Zhijun Yang accompanied the visit.

The Vice Minister listened to a report held by AAVI’s chairman


The Vice Minister was introduced to AAVI’s air purification devices and their different purposes

First, Vice Minister Huang Wei listened to a report held by the Chairman of AAVI Technologies, Mr. Feizhi Yang. Chairman Yang introduced the guests to AAVI’s development in technological research, starting from AAVI’s acquisition by Synergy New Energy Technology Services Corporation in 2013.  During his presentation Mr. Yang brought up for example the Coal Plant Emission Purification Technology Research Project co-funded by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Finnish Technology Innovation Board, in which AAVI has been a key operator and researcher for several years. Yang also introduced AAVI’s newest air purification device, the A600, which is meant for purifying indoor air in villas, schools, apartments, offices and all kinds of open public areas. The maximum capacity of A600’s air purification is 1000 m3/h, which – combined with heat exchange, automatic cleaning, low noise and other functional advantages – makes A600 a preferable option compared to other products available on the market. Through a series of technological breakthroughs,  AAVI has achieved to develop a full range of devices with applications varying from industrial emission control to domestic indoor air purification. Providing diverse solutions complying the needs of a versatile consumer base aligns with AAVI’s objective, which is to continuously improve the quality of indoor air.

Vice minister Huang Wei visited AAVI Technologies’ workshop in Tulppatie, Helsinki

After the presentation Vice Minister Huang Wei asked in detail about the different features of AAVI’s unique IonJet and MistJet technologies, that are the patented technologies applied in all AAVI’s devices. The Vice Minister also shared his ideas on AAVI’s future development and recommendable product application detection. Lastly Mr. Wei said that the Ministry of Science and Technology of China will continue to pay attention to AAVI’s development in the future and to provide support for further advancements of AAVI’s technology and product development. The Vice Minister and his entourage ended their visit with a tour at AAVI’s workshop.

The Vice Minister with AAVI’s board

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