PRESS RELEASE: Remarkable new investments in AAVI Technologies from China

Shenzhen Merchants Guoxie Investment Fund Management Co. has invested 25 million euros in AAVI Technologies. AAVI Technologies provides air purification solutions to domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company operates within and from Finland.

The Chinese conglomerate CITIC has utilized AAVI’s devices to purify indoor air in their cement factories, and therefore has now decided to invest in the company. The aim of this investment is to provide resources for building a high-class research and testing laboratory, that would solely solely in developing new air purification technology. The contracts regarding these investments were signed during the Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s visit to China.

The contracts in question mark a notable step forward for AAVI’s China-related business activities. The benefit of operating within two countries is that it allows Finnish product development and production expertise to combine with the capital and networks in Chinese markets provided by AAVI’s Chinese owners. The contracts concerned were preceded by AAVI’s own investments in 2016, which included increasing the company’s personnel as well as moving to new premises located in Herttoniemi Helsinki. These changes were made to answer the large demands of the Chinese markets. In the future, the contract with Shenzhen Merchants Guoxie Investment Fund Co. will enable AAVI to increase production volume as well as to advance in the field of research and development.

These contracts made between AAVI Technologies and Chinese corporations in question are a concrete sign of Finnish cleantech expertise, for which trade to China has been attempted to accelerate for several years. The contracts reflect the growing demand for cleantech solutions in China where the active supervision by the state has encouraged demand for clean technology to expand to more sectors of business as well as new applications. AAVI has put significant effort into developing new products that are meant for purifying smoke gases from coal plants and improving indoor air at schools, among others.

“The Chinese ownership of AAVI is a strong starting point for the development of a company”, Mr. Eero Siitonen, the Vice CEO, declares. “The main owner of the company, which is the Chinese environmental technology corporation Synergy New Energy Technology SNETS, provides us with the capital necessary for growth, is ready to take risks, and does decisions efficiently”, Mr. Siitonen continues.

Aavi’s advantage is that the devices chiefly do not need continuous maintenance work. This is important in China, where repair and maintenance culture is inchoate and cost factors have special importance. Aavi’s Finnish foundation gives the technology an additional worth since in China, Finland is known as a land of pure nature and high-end expertise.

Aavi Technologies Oy

  • rapidly growing high-tech company focusing on air purification solutions
  • offers maintenance-free (i.e self-detergent) devices for purifying both indoor air in housing and commerce as well as industrial emissions from plants and factories: Aavi’s devices purify even the smallest, nano-scale particles (1nm)
  • since 2013, the chief owner of the company has been Synergy New Energy Technology SNETS, which is a corporation functioning in the field of environmental technology
  • the purification method and technology is partially based on the inventions and research done by Veikko Ilmasti
  • main market area is China; other target markets include Europe and Mexico
  • amount of employees is approximately 130, from where 70 is in Finland and 60 in China (SNETS)

For further information please contact

Mr. Tom Yan, CEO, AAVI Technologies Ltd., phone +358 50 3455 948,

Mr. Eero Siitonen, Vice CEO, AAVI Technologies Ltd., phone 0400 423 504,

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