The co-operation between AAVI and the Chinese institute SPERI has progressed to a pilot stage

AAVI and Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute have worked in co-operation since the beginning of the year 2016. SPERI, which is one of the national research institutes of People’s Republic of China, was established to advance technical development in fields of thermal power, new energy, and clean technology in China and abroad.

As the emission limit values for industrial emissions have become stricter in China, AAVI and SPERI have launched a joint venture, which investigates supplementary air purification methods to decrease the emission levels of coal plants remarkably compared to emission levels at the present. The aim of the project is to develop a well-functioning product, which meets the great demand for means of emission control in the vast Chinese coal plant market. The project has proceeded to a pilot stage, that is executed in an experimental laboratory of SPERI in Shanghai. AAVI has been involved in the project as a product developer, designer, and supplier of technology.

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