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Innovative Air Cleaning Method

AAVI® technology secures safe and healthy air removing even the smallest nanoparticles and gases.
AAVI® air purifiers handle large amounts of dust and remove unpleasant odors, chemicals, mold, pollen
and allergenic substances as well as virus and bacteria.

Flexible Ionjet™ traps nanoparticles

IonJet™ technology forces all particulates against collector surface regardless their size.

AAVI Benefits

  • Particle filtration from 0,001 µm onwards
  • Minimized pressure drop
  • Large amounts of impurities without clogging
  • Combines cleaning gaseous impurities and particles
  • No consumables
  • Little service and/or maintenance
  • Continuous fresh air production without mechanical filters
  • Can be assembled in room as a stand-alone unit or connected to existing HVAC-system
  • Low noise level