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AAVI Technologies Ltd.

challenges the traditional air purification with efficiency, sustainability and flexibility. AAVI is a high-technology growth company providing a filter-free solution for several application areas from indoor air purification to industrial emission control.

Simply Clean Air is guiding all work in AAVI from research and development to production and marketing.

Finnish air purification expertise reveals itself in efficiency and simplicity for the clients’ benefit. Patented AAVI® method, FreeFlow, purifies even smallest nano-sized particles and large amount of dust. Efficiency refers to simultaneous removal of particles, gases and odors. Simplicity in FreeFlow results from the filter-free air purifiers, which makes the method also sustainable and flexible. Filter-free air purification means agile usability without clogging, low life cycle costs, savings in maintenance and a very low pressure drop.

The AAVI® Mission

We provide the most efficient and effective air purification technology for industrial and indoor air quality solutions.

The AAVI® Philosophy

Unique AAVI® technology purifies even smallest nano particles and gases providing ultra-pure and healthy air.

The AAVI® Promise

Unlike traditional filter technology,  AAVI FreeFlow™ –technology does not contain any mechanical filtering. This minimizes pressure drops and guarantees unrivaled energy efficiency.

AAVI 1000

AAVI 2000